Medicare Simplified - Independant Education For Individuals Evaluating Their Medicare Options

Eliminating Medicare Confusion

Medicare Simplified is an independent organization that provides education to individuals who are evaluating their Medicare options.  We do not sell any insurance products, we do not have any relationships with insurance companies or agents and we do not have any ties with Medicare.

We are completely independent! 

Medicare offers many different choices of coverage.  There are an overwhelming number of insurance companies who provide Medicare options.  Additionally, there are crucial rules, deadlines and penalties.  All of this can create confusion and frustration.

The level of complication is further elevated for those who have health coverage available through a current or previous employer of theirs or a spouse, a union or the Military.

Also, the impact of Healthcare Reform creates a new level of uncertainty about the future that requires careful evaluation.

Medicare Simplified is dedicated to educating and assisting individuals who are facing these difficult decisions



Who We Help

Medicare Simplified is an independent organization that educates and assists:

  • Individuals turning age 65 and are first eligible for Medicare.
  • Those who are considering enrolling in Medicare after age 65.
  • Anyone already on Medicare.

Why Medicare Decisions Are So Important

Making Medicare decisions can be confusing and frustrating, but they are extremely important and should be carefully reviewed.

Many people at age 65 have one third or more of their lives ahead of them. This means you could be covered under Medicare longer than any previous health coverage.  You may have worked at the same company for 30+ years, but it is unlikely you had the same health plan for all those years.

You will probably file more claims under Medicare than you have with any prior health coverage. With the prospect of relying on Medicare so much it is crucial to make sure your choices meet your personal needs.

Some people will pay more for Medicare than they have for any health coverage in the past. The premiums and potential out of pocket expenses with Medicare emphasizes the need to maximize coverage at the lowest possible cost while avoiding penalties.

Questions We Answer

We help answer the following questions:

  • What do I have to do and when do I have to do it to avoid penalties?
  • What are the different components of Medicare and what do they cover?
  • What are the best options of coverage for me?
  • How much does Medicare cost today and what can I expect in the future?
  • Who has the best product for my situation at the lowest cost?
  • Are there any tips I can follow to save some money?
  • Do I have to sign up for Medicare if I am still working?
  • How does having health coverage available through a current or previous employer of mine or my spouse, a union or the Military impact my Medicare options and decision making process?
  • What will happen to my spouse’s coverage if I go on Medicare?
  • What changes can I make with my Medicare coverage after I have enrolled?
  • What are the most important items to consider as I evaluate my options?
  • How will the recently passed Healthcare Reform legislation affect Medicare?
  • Do I have to read all this mail I am receiving every day?


Do your research now and avoid costly mistakes later!

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